Private Lesson Pricing


Private Lessons


Group Lessons

1 hour lesson - $75
3 lesson package - $205

Venmo avaiable 

  1 hour (2 students) - $45 each
1 hour (3 students) - $40 each
1 hour (4 students) - $30 each
3 lesson package (2 students) - $130 each

Junior Lessons


Playing Lessons

30 minutes - $45
1 hour - $65
Juniors = Age 17 & younger
  9 holes - $300
18 holes - $500

Note : Venmo avaiable or Online payments can be done at Gina Square ( No American express)

Attitude Determines Altitude

Teaching golf for over 12 years, I have found very few non-athletic people. Most people are so worried about missing the ball, looking bad, feeling embarrassed, pursuing perfection and the straight golf shot. In my experience, those people who find some joy and success at golf, are those who have a GREAT ATTITUDE! They are at peace enough with themselves, their work, and their families, to pursue the learning journey of golf with a sense of humor, humility, open mind and heart, but most of all while having fun.

If we can have fun, we will be less tense in our minds, shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. Tension is the number one deterrent to improving one’s golf game. Just imagine moving some of the passion we feel about golf into our personal lives. After all, playing golf and being forced to deal with our own failures and frailties really does mirror everyday life, doesn’t it! Remember, golf’s a game, have some fun with it!

Make friends with your ball

All life does not end at the ball. The ball is a point of attention but not the center of the universe. Learn to swing through the ball. You must learn to think as clearly past the ball to finish as you do before the ball.

NOTE: All lessons are taught at Fox Hollow Golf Club in American Fork.

Gift Certificates Available

(All gift certificates expire 1 year from purchase date)