Bunker Drill

A Good bunker practice drill is to put a golf ball on a dollar bill with the ball on George Washington. The idea is to make a swing and lift the dollar bill out of the sand which would require hitting about 2 inches behind the ball.
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Address and Impact Position

Being able to use all four power sources
1. Your hands
2. Your arms
3.Weight shift
4. Rotation
Checkpoints would be club shaft slightly in front of the ball, the right foot rolling in slightly with the right knee in line with the golf ball, chest will be in line with the golf ball or slightly behind and left hip in line with your left foot, left leg in a braced position. Of course everyone will be slightly different based on their physical limitations. Understanding the basics of how you should be at impact will help any golfer out.
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What to look for in a golf instructor

Compatibility - personality type, mutual goals, similar outlooks on the game, and your instructor's ability to relate to your individual needs.

Accreditation and Experience - Does your golf instructor have the education and experience to take your game to any level you desire? 

Many individuals claim to be golf instructors. Many of these individuals are self-proclaimed "experts," or had enough money to take a one to two week course on how to teach golf and make more money. 

In seeking a golf professional to help you with your game, insure that the individual has an active accreditation with the PGA or LPGA, or, has demonstrated an inarguable ability to help players of many levels improve through many years of practice.


Video - Video swing analysis has become a staple for all golf instruction. It is no longer an option. 

If you are paying for instruction that does not include video review of your game, you should reconsider why you are paying for golf instruction. 

Video, when used correctly, is a third pair of eyes (you and your instructor are first and second). This is similar to a doctor using an X-Ray or M.R.I, to diagnosis a health issue.


Follow-up Communication - Your golf instructor should have a program available for you to utilize to ask questions, give feedback, receive follow-up instructions, schedule lessons, or make other inquiries after your lesson.